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The Great and Terrible War

by Dysmorphic Demiurge

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Trumpets of the Apocalypse!! Summon the Ancients from the Valley of Five Rivers with sheets of flames that burn but do not consume. With mouths full of blood and hearts full of hate, they execute judgment upon the resistant throng who would not bow before the god with seven heads. They bring with their judgment eternity, eternity is not a place where there's always tomorrow. It's where the present is forever, and there is presently inconceivable suffering. Their defiance cost them everything Eyes survey the landscape to design a plan of attack Or route for retreat - the oldest urge. For a thousand megaannum, Countless generations of what we now know ourselves to be have come and gone - Some by fire Some by flood Some because the air was sulfuric acid The lion never fears the jackal. From the beginning, when man's crudest form came forth from the sea We've wasted eons on our trek to where we are... Only to be drawn, once again to whence we came. Self-righteous Pharisees, cursed by the truth Witches hunt witches with their mindwar and mayhem Paleolithic brains with godlike technology Scorching ancients’ dominion Bringing forth the prophecy of chaos... And the breaking of the world The Reckoning With impunity, great king of terror ravages everything you hold dear He is the black dragon Endless thirst for revenge He has come for your souls A god that laughs as legions scream into the lifeless void The monolith Perched upon your golden idols These are your champions? We are the void The hall of extinction Shrine to the broken branches of the tree of life There will be no dawn for man
Burned Like the heathen tyrant Kings of the Ancients Vermin Children surviving On decaying scraps of a dying world All things swirl and converge into themselves Terrestrial black holes bringing about the end of all things Found out by their depravity, his bastard, unbegotten sons writhe in their putridity The Father cannot abide the crimson stain by their misdeeds of impurity their Sin ever before them Ample penance alone Yet their Father allows them to reign over remnants and rule over nothing while perched atop hollow thrones erected from the wrath-bleached bones of the Children of Men A more perfect creation witnessed by the Sons of God A promise offered too early that thy Spirit would not strive with man We are not even worthy of your warfare It seemed that a beaming hope might break forth as light out of dark places Might there be a reprieve from your enmity? As glorious rays had shone on your creation your Sons seized our progress with their inbreeding. Vile offspring Forged from womb of man lineage of The Fatherless anti-genetic species - paragons of worldly renown Reminders of your failure Soulless. Damned. When you saw our wickedness...our nakedness...how are we to blame? Can a promise once given, be recanted at first sign of unraveled thread from the cloak of your Word? Can anything unclean come from that which is clean? If all potential eventualities are before you How did this escape your limitless understanding? The day of a vengeful God is now We were made in Your image, but you despise us with regret Are you so displeased with our frailty that you destroy all other creation? For whose recompense? As in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be Brothers murdering brothers. Waters of Noah are soon A new fear is born The Nephilim will reign!
...As I awoke in a slumbered haze Strange memories and delusions Of Celephaïs echo within the confines of my waking mind Descending fires and cycles repeating Looping back and reconnecting Memories of future visions of the monolith Hallucinations of the never-seen I remember the stairs leading down to the lower chambers Earliest remains of the great war Stale air permeated with years of forgotten torture A chosen few must brave the psychotic labyrinth Many have failed A distant door swinging open A dark shadow looming, obscuring the light Wandering through the dark, Intoxicating sense of foreboding… beckoning me Hellish Fires of Dissent Sheets of flames that burn but not consume As the fire descended upon the piles of Nepenthe The inner chambers became infused with the intoxicating smoke Beneath the catacombs Of Celephaïs Seven dimensional being forming, engulfing the light Coming from everywhere and nowhere at once, Speaking in tongues that have never been uttered to human ears To other prescient entities within the outer realms The chosen few will perceive the being with closed eyes Only then will it give them the message Describing the nature of the dark forces plaguing our existence An infinite living mind Whose slimy and covetous fiber manifests, Perched atop a throne of bones It knows everything­ we know. We will not be safe here. Something ­wrong inside of me, I feel like there's a light... There’s a light inside of me. It's shining out from me. I cut my eyes out when I saw that light. What futures do I see? People becoming surrogate incubators for the alien young A gift. An amazing power. Becoming more than man Like a biblical salvation, I will die in the fire It is not a choice Ghastly ululation Unwholesome revelation Beneath the catacombs Celephaïs
Bizarre distortions of the senses and limbs Ancient disease Tingling sensations, acute sensory disturbances loom Septicemic plague Soporific detrivore infestation Leperous distilment Atropine poisoned neurological decay Delirious inebriation Hideous dissection of the survivors Sacrosanct extermination Preternatural predation Abnormal biotoxic residue Total organ failure Causing synthetic delirium Exposed bones and muscle tissue Oral secretion asphyxiation Foaming strangulation Holy temples littered with remains Rotting carcasses on display Saprotrophic gangrene inoculation Vomiting, convulsions, hallucinations Transdermal delivery infusion Ergotistic bubonic manifestation (It could be microbial, viral, parasitic, fungal… Or the wrath of god? There is that.) The Everdark fungoid Hivemind is of unknown origin They came from a different timeline and metric space They are not time-hinged to the Euclidean manifold They can communicate between other timelines that they have taken over They seek all consciousness, to colonize and expand their reach (Sample) Place each subject in supine position with an intravenous cannula inserted into an arm vein A transverse incision is made over the site of inoculation. The subcutaneous tissue is dissected away from the underlying fascia and the fascia over the rectus muscles are incised to reveal the rectus muscles. Care is taken to avoid iatrogenic injury to the perforator vessels. The perforator vessels are dissected free and the perforator vein is identified. An epigastric vein is identified on the skin surface in the subcutaneous fat immediately over the perforator vein. The perforator vein is dissected free, taking care to avoid damage to the adjacent epigastric vein. The perforator vein is dissected distally from the origin of the ep
The Great and Terrible War ushers in a new age: The first great toxic excrement of a hyperreal civilization. The hyperreal order crumbles beneath the weight of Original Sin. Psychosomatic dissimulation - Panegyric Sacraments ring before a listless banal carceral omnipresence. Savages who are indebted to the entangled Orders of Simulacra Are forced, as penance to become penury - Pure asceticism The Order: Exalted Embalmed Pacified Staring down into the declivity A world without dimension A play of illusions and phantasms Overwhelmed with rotting corpses The vermin feast upon them Genetically altered beasts Hideous creatures Products of vivisection Feasting on the sucklings Dashed upon the rocks Only those who cannot die remain: The Scavengers
Those of us who fought to remember Came to doubt their own existence Those of us who fought to forget Never came back By looking to the darkening place Where mankind hides the blackened altar On which he must sacrifice himself And watch as the world adores Fetishistically We see what is left out of the very eyes of god revealed Remains of horrors in the oldest caves where the war began Violent imagining of otherworldly beings The forces of chaos infected the very soul of mankind Permeate the air with their blackened spores Connecting mankind in a hivemind's fever dream Hellbent on imagining its own destruction Colonize the earth, infect with delusion The next generation plots the bloodiest retribution yet The holiest places were overtaken with infection once-noble order death camps The Reign of the… Pig Faced Gods The body count erupted from globewars Global sulfuric apocalypse Heat death mentality consuming sanity The infection works from within Distorted polygonal figures Their speaking slurs and distorts and swirls The great mechanizations that keep the Order reveal themselves In this darkening place, obscured by the presence of light We are The Children of the Luminary
Lifeless chasms e’re expanding, worming their ways... Far beyond the grip of time. All-consuming beasts stand guard the labyrinth... Slaughtering all who dare to escape. Dungeon walls of their own makings proudly display... Trophies of their ignorance As the stench of forfeited lives pervades the halls... Endless torment awaits inside the charnel house. Blood moon can't wait for the night Seven soulless wonders fly From their flaming, hoary perch Children of the Luminary Infinitely behold darkness As a lie that's told too often Sowing plagues and reaping death Soaring past your dead idols Taking back their belongings They speak of the past as if it's Always occurring within their Ancient caverns of existence Beyond the half-lit landscape Whispers tales of loss and woe Which both fools and gods deny And the begotten earth bemoans The Worthless sing a verse of Hope Hope that’s long-since been betrayed By those who stood idly by And I am their fucking king Visions of the Birth of Time fade away Leaving a hole for death to invade Bringing woe and lamentations In its wake The Old World came to her side like a ghost Whispering dreams of how to erect The New World Stone by stone The force that holds up the sky gives way to the force that holds down the earth… Bringing it all down Paradox reigns squelching flesh from the bones of the condemned horde exposing all… To intense suffering Vermin intrude… Intently writhing toward imbrued souls… Frantically consumed Leaving nothing… Except holes where heaven's lights plunge forever… Utterly destroyed The damned steps up to the gallows noose His lofty stance affords a clear view Solemn view of his sins He will never find absolution How has it come to this? So horrifically wrong Finally conformed to the Filth Finally overcome by the Calling. What have we done... and how does this end? There is no escape... Hope has forsaken No end in sight... Everlasting death Mercy abhors... Merciless sinners. What have we done... how does this end? There is no escape... Frantically consumed No end in sight... Utterly destroyed Mercy abhors... Merciless sinners. Fall into madness Perpetual misery Weeping and wailing And gnashing of teeth After the skin worms Have destroyed your flesh Yet in your body You will meet your own cruel gods Realm of the Revelation Children of the Luminary Infinitely behold darkness As a lie that's told too often Sowing plagues and reaping death Soaring past your dead idols Taking back their belongings They speak of the past as if it's Always occurring within their Ancient caverns of existence Spontaneously exploding
Wizards speak of the days of old When gods and giants dwelt upon the earth And of the great massacres before the flood When bloodlines decimated bloodlines And in those days the Angels did return They stirred up kings, so a spirit of unrest did come upon them Rousing them from their thrones They broke forth as lions from their lairs And as hungry wolves among their flocks And they began to fight among themselves Their right hand became strong against themselves A man would not know his brother Nor a son his father or his mother Till there be no number of the corpses through their slaughter He was with Eden in Adam He was walking with Enoch at the beginning He sojourned with Abraham He met Jabbok, or Jacob, at the brook Jabbok He burned in a bush for Moses In Midians Desert The covering of badger skin didn’t bother him Jacob Jehova became a pilgrim And dwelt amidst the cashmere and gold Of Isreal’s wilderness tabernacle When the staves were pulled out of the burglarized Ark of the Covenant And it came to rest in Solomon’s temple A cloud of glory filled the house Because God had come to dwell in the midst of his people Hallelujah Zerubbabel’s attempt to replicate it Was a poor one And the old men wept when they saw it But heaven thundered and said The glory of this latter house shall be greater than the glory of the former house Hallelujah After four centuries of silence God made himself a tabernacle For God was in Christ Reconciling the world unto himself He said it is expedient that I go away For if I go not away The comforter cannot come And I will pray the Father And he will give you another comforter Here it is That he may abide with you forever The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty!


released June 16, 2022

* Music, Lyrics, and Production by Dysmorphic Demiurge (Cade Brown, Jason Monroe, Randy Brown)
* Cade Brown: Vocals, Programming, Mix and Mastering
* Jason Monroe: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Programming, Mix and Mastering
* Randy Brown: Programming, Guitar, Bass, Pedal Steel Guitar, Mix and Mastering
* Labels: Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt
* Artwork by Justin Abraham
* Logo by Icis Jan Alvarado
* Special thanks to Wes Lequire, Greg Frye, Steve Farmer
* Special thanks to Miguel Tereso at Demigod Recordings, Analepsy, Marco Martins, Micael Olímpio


all rights reserved



Dysmorphic Demiurge Knoxville, Tennessee

A unique blend of Brutal Death Metal, Slam, and Old School Death Metal

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