As You Hunger For Pardon

by Dysmorphic Demiurge

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As the flock of the air, so shall be your plagues Though the winds may cool your brow, your fever shall remain And when the ships come for you, their decks will burst and sink And scavengers shall lick your flesh as you hunger for pardon
Lifeless chasms ere expanding, worming their ways... Far beyond the grip of time. All-consuming beasts stand guard the labyrinth... Slaughtering all who dare to escape. Dungeon walls of their own makings proudly display... Trophies of their ignorance As the stench of forfeited lives pervades the halls... Endless torment awaits inside the charnel house. The foul air bespeaks a pain Worthy of the old world... Before The Flood. All was well the way it was Everything in its own space... Perfection. Blood moon can't wait for the night Seven soulless wonders fly From their flaming, hoary perch Children of the Luminary Infinitely behold darkness As a lie that's told too often Sowing plagues and reaping death Soaring past your dead idols Taking back their belongings They speak of the past as if it's Always occurring within their Ancient caverns of existence Beyond the half-lit landscape Whispers tales of loss and woe Which both fools and gods deny And the begotten earth bemoans The Worthless sing a verse of Hope Hope that’s long-since been betrayed By those who stood idly by And I am their fucking king Visions of the Birth of Time fade away Leaving a hole for death to invade Bringing woe and lamentations In its wake The Old World came to her side like a ghost Whispering dreams of how to erect The New World Stone by stone The force that holds up the sky gives way to the force that holds down the earth… Bringing it all down Paradox reigns squelching flesh from the bones of the condemned horde exposing all… To intense suffering Vermin intrude… Intently writhing toward imbrued souls… Frantically consumed Leaving nothing… Except holes where heaven's lights plunge forever… Utterly destroyed The damned steps up to the gallows noose Making pleas for penance His lofty stance affords a clear view Solemn view of his sins He will never find absolution How has it come to this? So horrifically wrong Finally conformed to the Filth Finally overcome by the Calling. What have we done... And how does this end? There's no escape... Hope has forsaken. No end in sight... Everlasting death. Mercy abhors... Merciless sinners. Behold, the fall of man Destroyed from deep within Prophecy Is fulfilled Long ago Fall into madness Perpetual misery Weeping and wailing And gnashing of teeth After the skin worms Have destroyed your flesh Yet in your body You will meet your own cruel gods Realm of the Revelation Children of the Luminary Infinitely behold darkness As a lie that's told too often Sowing plagues and reaping death Soaring past your dead idols Taking back their belongings They speak of the past as if it's Always occurring within their Ancient caverns of existence Spontaneously exploding Causing a new creation Barren lands consecrated By the nameless forgotten Proclaiming the Old World dead Children of the Luminary Sowing plagues and reaping death They speak of the past as if it's Always occurring within their Ancient caverns of existence Spontaneously exploding
Thoughts of a far away familiar day batter the ashen gates of my memory as the seeds of necessity and lust are nurtured by the rain of opportunity. As I enter the darkened halls of the flesh gallery the spectacle of throngs of dancing corpses fuels my urge to satisfy the ancient desire. Hammering noises from within the pit of me drown the voice of Reason and melt away the substance of Restraint. From across the chamber I sense her... as if her burning emits a sweet savor... issuing the famished an invitation to the feast. As she displays her aching for all to see and engages in silent, playful self exploration we begin the dance of seduction. Within her vacant, distant eyes I see I see what was once a glimmer of innocence. But all innocence eventually falls prey to Reality. As I stare deeper into the cavity where her soul once lived, the ancient summoning of Belial pierces through the pungent air... caressing my yearning flesh...stimulating the craving...whispering lies to the Wolf at the Door. And from across the chamber she senses me. As she answers the call of Belial avarice controls our subconscious thoughts and breaks the black walls. As I enter the darkened halls of the flesh gallery the spectacle of dancing corpses.....
After the beginning, there were days when Ignorance reigned. Before the twisted perversion of the human mind Innocence shone … And the years went gliding by… Awareness writhed its way into human consciousness, Gnashing at man’s purity, Provoking him to ask unanswerable questions. Attempting to construct a morality in a blinding flash of light. Or some dark flame we are shown, that which Could not be deduced by thought alone … And decades rolled away… Speculation and confusion tormented him with unfounded myth. Fable married Greed, begetting widespread lies. The unforgivable lust for power overcame virtue … And centuries died… The fiction manifested itself, as real as the tide that tortures the shore, Until it raged violently, uncontrollably… Until it consumed all, even its creator, Mankind… … Until Time itself turned to stone. Knowledge of the damned pervades my sickened mind Wild dreams in the middle of the night awaken Follow me to the world of death Silent shadows show us where the previous life happened … And follow us to the end of time Creator, the Afflicted. Creator, the Wicked. Creator, the Fever. Creator. Rising out of body, above the worms. Seeing them stuck in their ways, Wriggling as bags of flesh. And I now hold the chain Which keeps them constrained. Tied to false firebearer’s rock Never wander from the false light. In one atavistic delight Day is turned to eternal night Never so bright seemed the flame Til left alone in silent cosmic darkness Violently accelerating towards the ends of sanity Towards some ultimate goal created by indifference Unfathomably far from what we call truth We are pushed into a new era of reckoning So far from...Creator I now hold the chain. Since the beginning of our time We have seen reflections of order The great old one, all powerful But our vision has been distorted The Afflicted Creator
Those of us who know the darkness Long for the hope of the light... Disposable citizenry. I am the consumer of lives. Like getting so close to solving Some all-important, ancient maze that you can taste the victory... Only to be suddenly flung Deeper into the abysmal Mire of doubt and confusion... Knowing well that fear hath torment. The infinite versions of me have created and endured immense pain... Yet I alone am left to mend.... Thoughts of you Breathing in Ecstasy Breathing out All of me. This was always just a dream. Never any substance to my musings. And although I know this I'll do it all over again. Still, within, I find a drive To find what lies beyond the dream. Past the veil, I find a black mountain. So, with dread, I find a foothold And, in hope, I start to climb. Higher... Higher... I climb Past the cloud line into eternity. Where do we go from here? What lies beyond this void? Thoughts of you Breathing in Ecstasy Breathing out All of me. Along the vast, stellar scape Float numberless reflections Shining backwards perspectives Throughout the timeless cosmos. In a soothing vision, I felt myself... Floating through the ether One step beyond The Pale... In pure delight and peace With rapturous joy and the misery... left behind to rot below. Then, as violently as the force that...brought about everything, I was ripped below where I now wallow... Deep within the filth and mire And the truth of constant regret... For my bitter vengeance Fiery indignation Neverending torture Of a life never lived The worst tragedy is Having such forbidden knowledge Only to be locked away In the slow-fading light of a dream. Those of us who know the darkness Long for the hope of the light... Disposable citizenry. I am the consumer of lives. This was always just the dream of a condemned, poor vagabond Never any substance to my deranged musings. And although I still know all of this I'll do it all over again if for only a brief glimpse Of the life I almost had.
The complaint: Cry with pain Unbearable strain Is all I gain Feel so lost I’m blind to the cost Hopelessly tossed No reprieve Cannot believe The webs I’ve weaved Play your games Weather the shame Bear your blame I’m so tired Of stoking this fire For a liar So fuck your name! And fuck your hope! And fuck your cause! The response: Don’t you motherfuckers call my name… I love your shame I watch you worthless vermin writhing in pain… To give me strength Wallow in your sorrow down below… You are so blind I’ll take your soul and pick your carcass clean… You have been misled. The rebuttal: How do you Speak so to One so true? Where’s the grace And love to chase Tears away? One last plea Honoring My decree Then I’ll dream Of a god Without strings Your futile resistance Becomes your existence From behind you’re taken From the beast awakened Within our minds We construct a time Where we have overtaken The curse of the forsaken Now you motherfuckers call my name… Begging in vain To take you from this misery and pain… But I don’t care Relentless torture is a fitting end… But does it end? So burn the bones of ancient empty belief… You have been misled. Why would you leave? Please don’t humor me. I stood for your cause (Until you) closed my life’s door. Behind the veil of a darkened dream Is a fierce god nestled in time. Blessed sight! The Nemesis falls to his knees, And I’m The Oppressor. Crushing, devastating madness Breaking teeth and burning sadness Sew the wind and reap the whirlwind Through black air the bastard lord arrives And beckons the fallen dead arise To wage war with the faithful throng And lead them far from home. Far from the tree of life The Oppressor casts his judgment wide To beget a dark army To loose my bonds and set me free. Freedom is an illusion. Now you motherfuckers call my name... You have been misled.
Searing fires of enmity and bitter malice Pierce the clandestine cold darkness, exposing the putrid soul. Past the tomb where twilight shadows ever-deepen, Deep within the mouth of fiendish chasms to The Nevermore, Lurks the Mother of the Great Abomination Seeking whom she may devour, unseen, unknown, evermore; Luring sucklings to her cursed breast of damnation Where she feeds her milk of whoredoms, and they die forevermore. Eager mouths caress her breasts Tasting doom’s ruthless judgment Drinking sustenance of death Unwitting condemnation Sleeping Prophets wake with rage… And reprisal. Terror… choking… As their souls are smoking From the… Fiery… Pit where they lie burning. Swollen… Maggots… Binge upon their broken Bodies… Rotting… To their beginnings Where they’ll lie lost forever more Longing to be resurrected With those who will stand against them Fighting to reclaim The Forgotten. With bloodlust, the Prophets rise… Bloodlet Seizing control of the souls… Once lost Quaking with anticipation… Vengeance Centuries of suffering… Waiting Ancients come to end the reign of lies Cutting out the Mother’s faithless eyes Vicious torment fills her endless days Impaled sucklings on display Innocence is lost and freedom dead. On the Prophets’ spike, The Mother’s head; Bodyless, forced to stare in dismay At the impaled corpses of her sucklings rotting on display. And yet she speaks, preaching contempt To a hypnotized, lost remnant. Hoping, pleading as to a god For undying admiration. Frenetic Prophets destroy her throne room Dividing spoils among The Forgotten. Revenants rejoice, drunken with loathing As the Great Abomination has ended. What was once a secret cloaked in lies Slow to fade but much quicker to die Becomes an eternal monument To a time when no one could repent. Prophecy fulfilled, the Prophets seek a new time for vengeance. As a new Abomination is created, the cycle continues. Reborn to be set free, only to allow a new Affliction To willingly manipulate a new generation. Darkness falling… Severed conscience… Calling… Pleading… To remember all our past sins Weeping, wailing… Gnashing of teeth… As we behold… A new Mother, resurrected. Slash the tongue that slithered / its way through so many lies… Before she can breed again. Lament as the Prophets pass judgment: Agony with / out end. Centuries of suffering… And still waiting.
Black lie! The Wicked stand and applaud. How dare they push me out To suffer desolation? Vengeful pleasures to torment… The Wicked pay the price. So fuck your desolation And fuck your castigation And fuck your indignation! And fuck you all! Your folly forsook your sight. So fuck you all! And wallow in your hopeless plight. See The Innocent rise Decked with broken, battle-scarred hearts As medals on their sleeves Not with pride… Poignant reminders Of how they came to be. Moving around… Shuffling… Aimless ghosts like shells of those Who went off to war And never came home again… Taunted, haunting only themselves. There is a reason why Our punches don’t land anywhere In our dreams, and all we Can feel is the constant shuffling… Our chests heaving sighs of regretful exhaling. Our hearts constantly break Over and over again From forgotten memories And the heaviness of clinching A void because it’s the only thing that hasn’t destroyed us….yet. A man’s home is sacred. A sacred sham which we create In order to give the Illusion of safety. Sinking slowly, falling deeply, fading softly… Pulse eroding, senses failing, thoughts escaping… Visions of waters made bitter flood the place where my thoughts used to be. A Raging Dream: A virgin screamed, and bleeding tempered grace, Begat a shattered existence.  Her boiling blood then embraced Fawning parasitic fiends who nursed upon her soul. They drank her essence, devoured her mind, and left the body cold. If you can see my scars, That means I have survived. I feel like some pseudo savior, But I haven’t yet proven I can save myself… Free myself. We… Are…Never…Safe… The Keeper snakes out from his lair… Writhing, stalking And is but a breath away. He climbs up through my spine and whispers…"Forget your name. We go to black." Repeat the cycle. Evil exists. It's written in the Book of Man whose ink is drawn From Lucifer's veins on parchment made of bones of false holy men. Exploding of a false sun Man has traded Wonder for reason. Every generation has created for itself A child of light and a child of dark. How are we to know the difference When we destroy our force for feeling? We sew the seeds of our salvation... Then water with damnation.  (Awakened from the dream:) Infernal beings from raging dreams commence their sweet revenge As tempered grace from entranced faces stumbles t’ward its end…. Crippling fear has paralyzed….The moonlight’s prelude groans And I am left to dream of things that haunt me when you’re gone. Distance feeds the primal cries…their chanting haunts the void Within the pit…The incense burns, its sweet savours annoy Fresh-pierced skin…the tepid blood drawn from innocent veins. He speaks beyond the dawn of time and quakes in ancient pain. Oft spoken word that echoes as a choral cry, begets confusion all alone  Presiding over dancing daemons and demands the heart needs to atone Within regrets, a quenching thirst to understand lest all thought crushed She dreads her heart shall beat alone yet cannot bleed enough.
(The life of the flesh is in the blood) I am the Worthless… A shattered shell Rising in darkness Forsaking all but self Dying in pure filth This rotting shell Rises in weakness Begetting cruel enmity. Drunk with the Whore’s blood, In solitude, I wonder how it has come to this. How has it come to this? Why would you bleed for this rotting shell? Where is your purity? Why would you bleed for me? Now I will accept your sacrifice mournfully. Purify me with disease…you must bleed for me! Prepare the sacrifice. Sanctify the altar. Bloodlust will desecrate, defile the offering. Willingly pierce the flesh. Suffer blissfully to consecrate this wasted life. Soul for soul…. Why would you bleed for me? Bleed to me! Sins that are too many to forgive Torture my conscience and putrefy In the midst of my hollow mind. This golden vial has turned to clay. Submit yourself unto me A living sacrifice I'll only take what I need And leave you with what remains …the emptiness! …the suffering! …the loneliness! …depravity! Just bleed! If only in this life we have hope, we are of all creatures most miserable. So send the blade plunging deep within your anxious flesh And find the path leading to eternal bliss and savor pleasures never before known. Aroma of incense… bitter scent of burned blood… Usher you to worlds unknown. I never wanted any of this. Now we’ve gone too far to ever turn back… Bloodletting must now run its course Now that I have tasted your flesh I can never return to what I was... Just a shell with no destiny Screams are what you make of them. Blur the thin line between pain and pleasure.... Free yourself and find salvation Quaking with anticipation Feel the hot life force slowly escaping... Fleeing, feeding, freeing, bleeding Purest ecstacy I've become your pain Predestination Of the Man of Sin Bleed to me again Let the life flow From your veins into me With each drop your soul escapes Rapturous euphoria awaiting Breeding a new creature Born of your innocence My manipulation And my lust for your blood The life of the flesh is in the blood And yours is pure and clean It doesn't mean to me what it means to you Your eternal soul ends as blood on my hands No escape I remain Inside you Now you're free Heartless fools surround the altar of faithless fiends groping the flesh of the Whore. Orgasmic frenzy erupts overflowing and tainting the Virgin of yore. Beckoned, resisted, demonically twisted we succumb to fleshly commands. Storms of a thousand years…seas filled with ancient tears won't wash your blood from my hands.
Formed from unseen, tumultuous force Older than what we call Time, Invisible, Immeasurable power Creates its own symmetry. Cryptic darkness, Obscuring its true visage, Conceals the malevolence. Its unconscionable wrath is held Against the Day of Judgment. Nothing in its way dares to escape Engorging it-self, consuming the light Of long-lost galaxies. What we once thought was impossible, By means of laws we thought immutable, At once became reality. All light and all matter Combined with enough force To spawn a new universe Or end the one we know. How can this be? How can the creation be greater than its creator? Transcending both space and time, How can something once thought to be inanimate Impose such a seemingly evil will? The process that sets free The most life is caused by what best imprisons it. As Time is morphed Into distance And as matter distorts, Light is converted to utter, complete darkness. Elemental Oblivion Atoms fuse together Creating fuel to feed This unfathomably Vile, merciless entity. Controlling the darkness It makes and inhabits, It submits its spoils as Oblation to its Father. Each Planck-Time it gains billions Of years’ worth of energy Until what was once perceived As nothing becomes all things. As gravity Loses its universal strength, Space, time, matter, Even the elements collapse into themselves. For billions of years It beheld with deep disgust The rest of creation Expanding at the Speed of light Yet never approaching an end. Long after our physical visage disintegrates, The lights we begat race On to the immortal Reaches of corners where no light Has ever shone. And as freedom comes ever-closer into focus, Our lights become captured And stretched by its ravenous and Ever-growing power Absolute annihilation Gravity itself is pulled Into its infinite pit Storing all of the pieces Needed to Create its own eternity Billions of years, biding its time Building strength from the creations Of his Father's own omniscience Plotting its cruel retribution Creation spins out of control Dying and swirling in reverse Shrinking fiercely to implosion In an instant ending every Trace of his Father's existence. On infinity's other side It creates a new universe Where it's the new God and it will Be betrayed by its creation Ensuring the pattern repeats. Endless damnation.


released April 27, 2020

* Music, Lyrics, and Production by Dysmorphic Demiurge (Cade Brown, Jason Monroe, Rand Brown)
* Artwork by Justin Abraham
* Logo by Icis Jan Alvarado
* Special thanks to Wes Lequire, Greg Frye, Steve Farmer


all rights reserved



Dysmorphic Demiurge Knoxville, Tennessee

A unique blend of Brutal Death Metal, Slam, and Old School Death Metal

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