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After the beginning, there were days when Ignorance reigned.
Before the twisted perversion of the human mind
Innocence shone

… And the years went gliding by…

Awareness writhed its way into human consciousness,
Gnashing at man’s purity,
Provoking him to ask unanswerable questions.
Attempting to construct a morality in a blinding flash of light.
Or some dark flame we are shown, that which
Could not be deduced by thought alone

… And decades rolled away…

Speculation and confusion tormented him with unfounded myth.
Fable married Greed, begetting widespread lies.
The unforgivable lust for power overcame virtue

… And centuries died…

The fiction manifested itself, as real as the tide that tortures the shore,
Until it raged violently, uncontrollably…
Until it consumed all, even its creator, Mankind…

… Until Time itself turned to stone.

Knowledge of the damned pervades my sickened mind
Wild dreams in the middle of the night awaken
Follow me to the world of death
Silent shadows show us where the previous life happened

… And follow us to the end of time

Creator, the Afflicted.
Creator, the Wicked.
Creator, the Fever.

Rising out of body, above the worms.
Seeing them stuck in their ways,
Wriggling as bags of flesh.
And I now hold the chain
Which keeps them constrained.
Tied to false firebearer’s rock
Never wander from the false light.

In one atavistic delight
Day is turned to eternal night
Never so bright seemed the flame
Til left alone in silent cosmic darkness

Violently accelerating towards the ends of sanity
Towards some ultimate goal created by indifference
Unfathomably far from what we call truth
We are pushed into a new era of reckoning
So far from...Creator

I now hold the chain.

Since the beginning of our time
We have seen reflections of order
The great old one, all powerful
But our vision has been distorted

The Afflicted


from As You Hunger For Pardon, released April 27, 2020


all rights reserved



Dysmorphic Demiurge Knoxville, Tennessee

A unique blend of Brutal Death Metal, Slam, and Old School Death Metal

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