Oblivion Protocol: Axion

from by Dysmorphic Demiurge

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Formed from unseen, tumultuous force
Older than what we call Time,

Immeasurable power
Creates its own symmetry.

Cryptic darkness,
Obscuring its true visage,
Conceals the malevolence.

Its unconscionable wrath is held
Against the Day of Judgment.

Nothing in its way dares to escape
Engorging it-self, consuming the light
Of long-lost galaxies.

What we once thought was impossible,
By means of laws we thought immutable,
At once became reality.

All light and all matter
Combined with enough force
To spawn a new universe
Or end the one we know.

How can this be?

How can the creation be greater than its creator?
Transcending both space and time,
How can something once thought to be inanimate
Impose such a seemingly evil will?

The process that sets free
The most life is caused by what best imprisons it.

As Time is morphed
Into distance

And as matter distorts,
Light is converted to utter, complete darkness.


Atoms fuse together
Creating fuel to feed
This unfathomably
Vile, merciless entity.

Controlling the darkness
It makes and inhabits,
It submits its spoils as
Oblation to its Father.

Each Planck-Time it gains billions
Of years’ worth of energy
Until what was once perceived
As nothing becomes all things.

As gravity
Loses its universal strength,
Space, time, matter,
Even the elements collapse into themselves.

For billions of years
It beheld with deep disgust
The rest of creation
Expanding at the
Speed of light
Yet never approaching an end.

Long after our physical visage disintegrates,
The lights we begat race
On to the immortal
Reaches of corners where no light
Has ever shone.

And as freedom comes ever-closer into focus,
Our lights become captured
And stretched by its ravenous and
Ever-growing power

Absolute annihilation

Gravity itself is pulled
Into its infinite pit
Storing all of the pieces
Needed to

Create its own eternity

Billions of years, biding its time
Building strength from the creations
Of his Father's own omniscience
Plotting its cruel retribution
Creation spins out of control
Dying and swirling in reverse
Shrinking fiercely to implosion
In an instant ending every
Trace of his Father's existence.
On infinity's other side
It creates a new universe
Where it's the new God and it will
Be betrayed by its creation
Ensuring the pattern repeats.

Endless damnation.


from As You Hunger For Pardon, released April 27, 2020


all rights reserved



Dysmorphic Demiurge Knoxville, Tennessee

A unique blend of Brutal Death Metal, Slam, and Old School Death Metal

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